How can test vst3 plugins with Audacity

I have tested plugins with AudioPluginHost. So, can i do same with Audacity.
How can load and test plugins with Audacity?.

I’m not sure Audacity supports VST3s. But this sounds like a question for the Audacity users forum?

Actually i want that user(Windows10 System) can test plugins easily. So, which software will be useful to test VST3 plugins. We can setup JUCE and test same with AudioPluginHost. But this will not good for users. So, is there any free software on which we can test VST3 plugins which developed by JUCE framework?.

Reaper is a good option. The ‘trial’ version is fully functional and free to install. It’s also a good idea to run them through pluginval. Most DAWs can be used in demo mode to test plugins. Some have a 30 day limit. Others, such as Bitwig, only have saving disabled in demo mode, which means you can continue to use them to test plugins for as long as you like.

Thanks Rory,
I will test these options.

Hello Rory,
I have test with Bitwig and its working fine means i can load plugins and test.
But when i install only Bitwig on another system and copy plugins.vst3 file from my system to another and add that location to Bitwig with that system. So, its not working.

In my windows10 machine, i have setup all things like JUCE, bitwig, etc. So, Bitwig works.
But on another machine, i just install Bitwig and provide .vst3 file, its not work.

So, any other dependencies required to install?.

First of all something basic (you might probably already know this): The other machine must of course be a Windows machine too, e.g. copying a vst3 built on Windows over to a Mac or Linux computer won’t work.

Second, on Windows you have two options concerning runtime linkage, dynamic and static. In the first case you need the Visual C++ redistributable used with the VS version you used for building as dependency on the target machine. This means that it has to be installed into the matching location by your plugin installer as well. A much easier solution to this is to chose static linkage so that all Visual C++ dependencies are already linked in your executable. You can set this in the Projucer

Hello PluginPenguin,

You can see above image regarding path for Juce modules and VST3 SDK.
I change path of SDK and again test plugins with Bitwig, still its working fine.
So, i think there should not be linkage issue. May be i am wrong.
How can i check and resolve this issue?

The runtime linkage is a Visual Studio Exporter target specific setting, no global setting.


So, i have to try with like as below:



… and of course you might want to change that for your Debug config and all other configs you might add in future as well :wink:

its work now.