How to build juce binary for i386 only?


Hi, jules
How are you?
When I build juce library, it gives me a message that universal binary is built.
Since we do not need it for support PPC, I do not want to build juce binary for ppc, it takes extra space.
when building juce, I choose i386 option. However, it shows that universal binary is built. Does it mean this binary is only for i386 or for both i386 and ppc.



I think what you mean is you’re changing the “active architecture” in the main Xcode project window? To make this take affect you need to check the option in the Xcode target settings: “Build Active Architecture Only”. Alternatively you could specifiy “i386” in the “Architectures” setting. Whichever method you choose make sure you change both release and debug configurations.


If you’re going to ask mac dev questions that aren’t even related to juce, can you at least put them in the ‘mac’ forum, please!


hi, jules

I will post it on mac section, and please give me some advice from there.



hi, martinrobinson


I just got confuse when I configure to build i386 binary, it shows me “universal binary is built” instead of 1386 is built.