How to build juce binary for i386 only?

Hi, jules
How are you?
When I build juce library, it gives me a message that universal binary is built.
Since we do not need it for support PPC, I do not want to build juce binary for ppc, it takes extra space.
when building juce, I choose i386 option. However, it shows that universal binary is built. Does it mean this binary is only for i386 or for both i386 and ppc.


xcode is weird. You may need to pick the i386 option in two or even three places - the project’s info, the target info and possibly even the ‘product’s’ info.


As Bruce says, are you SURE the architectures setting in the TARGET settings is set to “i386” for both Debug and Release configs? (Not just in the project settings, since target settings override project settings in the hierarchy.) It shouldn’t say anything about universal binaries if it’s not combining a PPC and i386 build.

If you look in groups and files, and look the build stages in the target, how many files does it say it’s compiling? E.g., if it says 10 and when you do a clean build the message in the bottom left of the project window says “Compiling X of 20 source files…” then it’s doing a UB build, i.e., compiling all the source files twice.