Juce.xcodeconfig - building on intel mac and powerpc mac

Hi Jules,

Just back from hols, and trying to build Juce etc. on a power pc mac. This is because I’ve had problems with code hanging on powerpc, when having built it as a universal binary on the intel mac. Some apps have worked, some fail on start-up.

The reason seems to be to do with juce.xcodeconfig.

I wasn’t able to get my code to link on PPC, unless I added the juce.xcodeconfig file to my various projects and based the builds on the juce xcodeconfig settings through the project settings. This is all fair enough, as it is something about xcode that I simply hadn’t got my head round. Though presumably it might make linking with 3rd party libraries difficult.

What I don’t understand :slight_smile: and would really like to get to the bottom of, is how on earth it ever linked in the first place when building universal binaries on the intel Mac before I added juce.xcodeconfig to the projects!!! :slight_smile: After all, the universal binaries contain both intent and ppc code, so how could link succeed on intel mac but fail on an powerpc mac [both have same version of Mac OS and XCode, FWIW… 10.4.10 and 2.4.1]

Anyways, hopefully other Juce users will be able to search the forum and find this post, and save time in the future!

FWIW, I was hoping you could explain why you have this line in the juce.xcodeconfig file…?

GCC_VERSION_ppc = 3.3

I presume this forces ppc code to be compiled/linked with GCC 3.3, whereas the intent part of the universal binaries is build with GCC 4. I was wondering why this would be the case…?

All the best!


Welcome back! The settings in there are mostly to make it force the ppc section of the binary to work under 10.2 - so it’s actually compiling the intel section for 10.4 with gcc4 and the ppc section for 10.2 with gcc3.3.