How to refresh vs solution view in real time?

i usually have to add files on projucer or it will be overwritten & not on view otherwise.
But after that VS won’t let me refresh the solution view, and every time i have to restart it after adding new separate files.
Is there any good idea to deal with the problem?

Your vs solution view might be out of sync with Projucer, are you resaving the Projucer (which regenerates the solution) every time you add new files there?

My habit on macOS was always to click the Xcode button since macOS would not allow more than one instance. But after doing more on Windows (which will open a second Visual Studio instance if you click the button), I got into the habit of resaving the Projucer via Cmd/Ctrl+S which works on both platforms to refresh the file explorer in both IDEs.

Alternatively, VS usually presents a dialog saying it’s out of sync - if you see this first, you can select “Reload from disk” to pick up your changes in the Projucer