Hunting VST Wrapper/Adapter boilerplate

First post. Greetings forum-dwellers.

I am looking for boilerplate code as a starting point for writing “a plugin that hosts other plugins” for research/DIY purposes. Ideally the workflow would be load DAW, load DIY adapter plugin into a track, load target commercial plugin into adapter. Only interested in VST2 and VST3, as it only has to work on Win10x64. A VS2013 or VS2017 solution would be ideal.

I am told there are wrapper classes, possibly a boilerplate project here, but cannot find it despite looking. If some kind soul could please point me in the direction of a sample in the SDK, or perhaps a GitHub repo, I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.

or that, posted a few minutes ago!

Great, Oli - thanks for the rapid response.
I’ll be sure to look at both examples.