Including VST SDK

I’m a newcomer to JUCE, and I have been playing around with the Introjucer for a few hours. But no matter how much I look in the resulting source files when making a VST project, I can’t find where it links to the VST SDK. All I can find is the following line in JucePluginCharacteristics.h:

But where is this variable checked and the SDK files included? I guess there should be an if statement somewhere checking if JUCE_USE_VSTSDK_2_4 equals 1, and if so, including the SDK.


(Line 59)

If you need the Steinberg SDKs without signing on to their onerous licensing terms, there’s a copy of it here:

Thanks a lot guys! I actually had the SDK lying around already, but nice to know it’s available without having to go through Steinberg :smiley:

I got the demo VST working in Visual Studio. I didn’t realize that I should simply tell Visual Studio to add the include path to the SDK.

Sorry for replying to this ancient thread, but any chance of posting another link? Steinbergs website is just plain broken.

You will need to register, but here's the official page with the SDKs:

jrlanglois - thanks for the reply. Problem is that their registration system doesn't send me any email (tried different browsers, email addresses etc). I remember having this problem once before too. Fortunately someone created a torrent with the source which I found in google :)