Incompatible AU plugin

This plugin is not accepted by the AU hosting code:
Plugin page:

It loads fine in AU Lab. Seems to be something basic in the identification of the AU format/type.

Could some one on the Juce team have a quick look at this?
We have a customer that really wants to use this plugin.

It looks like it’s a 32 bit AU. AU Lab can load this, as can Reaper, but my 64 bit Ableton Live cannot.

auval -a

doesn’t pick it up either.

If it’s 32-bit "auval -32 -a" should show the plugin. I’m currently on Windows, so can’t check myself.

Oh, thanks - I didn’t know you could do that. Running auval -32 -a displays the plug-in, so it’s 32 bit.

The plug-in loads correctly in a 32 bit version of JuceDemoHost.

Thank you for checking this out.
Did not know It was as simple as that.
I guess that takes us back to this:

I thought this was only an issue on Windows.

Thank you again