IntroJucer cannot find modules


Hi there,

I would like to try Juce, which looks pretty cool. The examples and the IntroJucer compile fine on my up to date Debian/testing. However when I try to create a new project using the introJucer, a GTK file picker dialog opens with title "Select your JUCE modules folder", so I navigate to the "modules" directory but I get the the following error dialog when trying to open it:

Not a valid JUCE modules folder - Please select the folder containing the juce_* modules - etc

I tried both with a cloned repo and the zip from

Using strace -f -e  open ./build/Introjucer as I navigate to open the modules directory I can see that:

- it opens the .gitignore file at the root

- it fails at opening a .hidden file in every visited directory

- it opens juce_module_info if I go into the juce_core directory

However whatever directory I choose I always get the error dialog mentionned above.

Thanks for any help,



OK used the good keywords in g00gle, found an issue looking like mine, and fix the problem. I had warning messages from fontconfig for some time that I didn't really care about. However it looks like the communication between IntroJucer and the native file picker window can be garbled by messages on, presumably, stderr.

So I fixed the cause of the messages, and IntroJucer magicly worked.