Introujucer not copying stk module files


I'm using the stk module, and having some problems with introjucer.

Somehow, the internal 'stk' folder, within the module folder, is not being copied...though all the rest of the files are.

I've checked the module_info file and it all looks in order, compared to the other modules, but it won't copy that subdirectory.

I should note too, that the IJ complains it 'cant find module at specified path'...even though I was able to add it just fine from the menu. If I manually change the 'path to module' to the module directory itself ("../JUCE/modules/stk_module"), it seems to find it.


Any idea where to look to track this one down?



Still not sure about the 'cannot find at specified path' thing...but after deleting the copied folder, setting the path right, it sorted itself.

Something is making it so when I save with the Introjucer, it wont copy the included directory in the stk module folder.

I'm digging deeper...

Seems like removing the .git folder from the module folder did the trick.

Back again....

I went and restructured some of my folders (renamed the main folders that the Jucer files sit in) and this problem has come back again.


Whenever I hit 'save project' in the introjucer, the stk module is not copying correctly. What happens is it copies the stk.h file, but none of the other files in the directory, or even the stk sub-folder containing all the code.


The juce_module_info code (looks ok to me?):

  "id":             "stk",
  "name":           "STK Library",
  "version":        "4.4.3",
  "description":    "STK Library for audio sysnthesis and effects",
  "website":        "",
  "license":        "GPL/Commercial",

  "dependencies":   [ { "id": "juce_core",   "version": "matching" } ],

  "include":        "stk.h",

  "compile":        [ { "file": "stk.cpp", "target": "! xcode" },
                      { "file": "",  "target": "xcode" } ],

  "browse":         [ "stk/*" ]


The stk.h file that does copy (it should be noted...this is NOT the same file that is in the stk_module folder):

// This is an auto-generated file to redirect any included
// module headers to the correct external folder.

#include "/stk/stk.h"

Does that file get created by the introjucer, and how can I figure out why that might be failing? My other JUCE modules do not behave the same way.

I'd like to get this module working via the introjucer as its so handy, but in a pinch I will just try to include the code another way.

Thank yall