JUCE license pricing

What does this mean if an issue affects both Pro and not-Pro the same? Does the issue and its fix (or decision) get brought to the non-Pro users’ attention?

This seemingly fragmented approach risks letting important information fall through the cracks.


Sounds just like the mass confusion that happened yesterday when some licensees got emails and nobody else did…


We are not thinking of doing a private forum for the Pros, rather making sure the Pros messages are flagged so that we treat them first.


Will this extend to all paying customers or just Pro customers?

What also would be great, if there was more transparency on what is being worked on. It took already long time to even activate the issue tracker on github. But somehow it doesn’t really look vivid, nor integrated in the communication via forum.

I agree that talking about the issue before it can be prioritised or even accepted makes perfect sense. But once the reasons are clear, it would be nice to see, if it is still on the radar and if there is any progress happening…


I don’t want to over promise here, especially on the solution we’ll choose.
That being said, we would certainly flag Indie users and treat their requests with more priority than free users.

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understood, I can see this is still a work in progress, but thanks…

Yes, the JUCE team is all on board with this. I can’t promise a timeline or a specific way to share, but we’ll improve transparency about our roadmap in one way or another.

The simplest approach would be to change the status of each forum member – so currently Jules is a “Leader” and we’re all “Members”… You could make new categories like “Pro Member”, “Indie member”, etc… unless that would cause consternation for the forum members.


I don’t think it is necessary or even needed to show the status of people. I expect that any report is taken serious. But the fact, if many pro-users are affected will probably lead the choice, what is being worked on first.

That’s why seing from outside, where the priorities are, would give the users confidence to be taken serious.

I bet the juce team already uses internally a ticket system, so a little of that information made public would be very appreciated.

EDIT: Maybe an upvote feature for the pros to escalate their issues would be a fair thing (pros votes count triple, indie double and the rest with at least one released product count single (to avoid double signups just for voting)

yes, we may be doing just that Rail. One small issue is that some Pros have a license under an e-mail and a forum affiliation under another.

We certainly take every report seriously. We receive many bug reports from the open source community and we won’t stop listening.

+1 to upvoting, as a feature for all bug reports and feature requests actually.

I really like the new pricing scheme for the upcoming JUCE 5, congratulations and thanks for that!

But I also want to mention some issues that shed a bad light on ROLI for paying customers and that should be avoided in the future IMHO:

  • Selling JUCE 4 with the promised DSP module and never delivering
  • Taking JUCE developers away from JUCE to work on ROLI stuff (blocks) without letting us know what’s going on
  • Not providing a roadmap, no insights into your issue tracker
  • Promising on the ADC16 that ‘this time the videos will be uploaded quickly’… (ok, this isn’t sever, but it also goes into the promising-and-not-delivering category)

What is the reasoning behind AAX requiring Pro? Is it merely the “Pro” in ProTools, or are there empirical statistics that support the assumption that AAX is a source of significant extra revenue, if offered in addition to VST/AU?

That’s yesterdays news, it has being revoked, see here:

Oops, I missed that. Makes my day :slight_smile:

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So is there any discount for juce4 owners? if so, how do we get it?
What about those who own juce4 because they bought Juce3 when it was including juce4? :blush:

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I’m still confused by the pricing…

Say you own a JUCE 4 Perpetual lic. – the upgrade to JUCE 5 Indie is $490 if your company makes less than $200k/year… but the monthly subscription is $35/month which is $420… So I guess the extra $70 gives you JUCE 5 Perpetual but when JUCE 6 comes along in 12 months and you upgrade you’ve basically wasted $70 ???


We’ll contact legacy customers shortly to offer upgrades, which will be dealt with manually.

JUCE 4 customers will be offered a 30% discount on the perpetual upgrade price.

JUCE 3 customers who subscribed to the company-wide license that covered JUCE 4 will not be offered a discount upgrade and can subscribe to a new license here.

Each option has its advantages, and depending on your needs, you may prefer the monthly option.

If you develop a software with JUCE and don’t want to be tied to a subscription, you may be better off buying a one-off license, which will give you rights to the JUCE 5 code in perpetuity. With the monthly license, you will need to continue to pay us a monthly fee to maintain your products on the market.

But as you say, the monthly license is more affordable, and if you’re either testing the market, or confident that you will use JUCE in the long run, then it may be a better option to pay monthly.

We will release major updates every 14-18 months.