JUCE license pricing

With all respect I don’t know what these boxes are suppose to do. I got the software pushed to my iPad today. Things were ok. I may use these as a beginners wrist tool but as soon as I input a new “my chord” no, no ! Or we’ we’ or oui’ oui.

You should concentrate on the keyboard which is the first new mechanical device since man hit a key.

Is this a startup? 999$, kidding? Do this include in app products forever. Has anyone written a song with vocals ? Anyone?

I think you are confusing BLOCKS/NOISE app with JUCE. JUCE is a software development framework.


Hi guys,
I don’t know if here’s the right place to ask this, but…

I was going to buy an Indie License, and I noticed that the tax applied on the price doesn’t change even after I’ve inserted my VAT number.

Why is that?


I noticed a similar issue. The VAT was specified for the UK, even though it needs to be the one of the country of the customer (according to the EU law). But when I proceeded that VAT changed to the correct one. So in your case I suggest to continue with your purchase process. Chances are that the VAT will change in ROLIs online store before you finally make the payment.

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Hey Samuel, thanks for the reply!

I was writing again, though, to say everything’s fine.

I don’t know exactly why, but I did it again and it correctly removed the tax as soon as I’ve inserted the VAT number… :slight_smile:

So I guess all is well, and I’m now officially a JUCE Indie developer.

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welcome Kappasette :slight_smile:
I’ll notify the web team of the issue, thanks for reporting.

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I’m super angry :rage:
I explicitly asked you if we should expect any discount. you said a clear no. So I upgraded.
And now I receive an email from you saying that there is a 100$ discount for Juce 3 owners that upgrade before May 31!??

edit: I just received an email from jb about a refund. So I’ll stay an happy and loyal juce customer.

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Good thing I read your post! I am in the same situation. Just sent a friendly email to ROLI sales about his too.

I’ve also updated my post I had made specifically about this upgrade path to reflect the new info: