Juce on wine : fonts gone?

this bug is a rather exotic one, I confess, but still wanted to share:
if you run a win32 juce app on linux using the wine win32 emulator, the fonts disappear (at least on my ubuntu 7.04 & wine 0.9.33 test setup over here). Easy to reproduce using the command “wine juce_demo.exe”.

You might ask why bother, since juce has fantastic support already for native linux apps. That’s absolutely true, but here’s the case: this impacts also juce win32 vsts that run using the dssi bridge (which depends on wine). Yes, juce can do native linux vsts too, and I love it for it. But alas, not many linux hosts support that yet (only the superb energyXT I believe), and most use some kind of win32 emulation if they support vsts at all.

Sidenote: a dssi -> native vst bridge would be a killer thing imho. Then Rosegarden & co could run native linux vsts

Interesting - I’d never tried that before. Seems like the only problem is that the default fonts are missing - if you switch to the font demo page, the rest all work.

To fix that I guess it would just have to figure out whether it’s running on linux and choose the linux default fonts instead - but how does an app find out if it’s running in wine?

hmm, how do we detect if we are running inside the matrix ? :lol:

I could be wrong, but seems if you’re running on wine, you see extra registry keys? Found this here : http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys

other than that, without having looked at that part of the juce code, so forgive me if I’m suggesting something stupid : if you can somehow detect the default fonts are missing, you could conclude it must be wine? And try again with linux fonts?

Ok, try the stuff I’ve just checked in…

Jules, thanks for fixing it. I tested quickly using the changed win32 files, but saw that I’d need to pull in the rest of the juce tip too to make it compile. That will take a while, since I have to merge some changes back into it.

Do you plan to do an official point release in the near future? Would be a good time for then to me merge again.

Yes, I think it’s about time I did another release, actually.

Jules, I switched to 1.44 and win32 VST dlls are working fine under wine now. Thx!

(I tested with Rosegarden & the DSSI->VST bridge)