Juce VST3 plugin Reaper running on Raspberry pi

I’m new to Reaper, Juce and Raspberry pi. I’ve built my program via the Linux makefile, and successfully created an executable file. But now I can’t find the “VST3 binary location” for Reaper’s VST plug-in path. (but i can find it in Xcode)
I tried find out but failed.

VST3 on Linux is not presently supported.

Thanks for your reply. And do u have any alternative in the matter? Like VST? Do raspberry pi support?


VST2 should work, but you’ll need to ‘find’ a copy of the VST2 SDK somewhere since it’s no longer distributed by Steinberg and they are no longer granting licenses for it. So until JUCE supports VST3 on Linux, there is no legal solution.

Steinberg are helping if you need to find the VST2 SDK :joy: As long as you don’t distribute the resulting VST2 it’s probably legal (IANAL).