License, App Release and Distributing Questions

Hi guys!
I assume that on this Forum are many developers that are working for major companies or as freelancers and could help me with this question.
I have zero experience on how to release an App and of what to be aware of in terms of licenses and this kind of stuff.
So, I’ve wrote an MidiFx AU/VST App mainly for OSX. And I spend an huge amount of time on it…
I’m a big fan of open source but this doesn’t pay my rent!
And as a musician I unfortunately do not have an income above 50.000 dollars…

  1. what would be the best way of releasing this app without violating the terms+condition of Juce. (staying in personal use, but closed source?)
  2. Selling it: but where? or how?
    what would you recommend me to do?
    Thank you very much in advance!!!

btw an example of the OnlineUnlock mechanism would be really helpful.

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