Pubblish an AudioApp

HI there, finally and thanks to your help, I’ve finished an App.
It is a little DAW for V-Drums Players that let to play v-drums directly connected at your audio card (up to 8 inputs channels) and play it with reverb, filters and chorus effects.
Now, I own the indie version of JUCE and I would like to know where and how to publish my App for free (till I will become a owner of one JUCE payment plan).

Somebody chan help me?
I’m making a web page for that App, a little explanation and possibly download.
Is it possible with the indie version of JUCE?
And if I request a donation,is it legal for JUCE indie version?


You can find the JUCE 5 license agreement here: JUCE 5 End User Licensing Agreement | JUCE

A Personal license allows you to sell your software as long as your funding is below $50k per year and you include the “Made with JUCE” splash screen and the JUCE analytics.

An Indie license allows you to sell your software with no restrictions other than a $200k per year funding limit.

Yes, as long as donations don’t exceed the funding limits.