Looking for Juce tutorial


I am a beginner at Juce use, and I obviously need a tutorial, I mean a sample C++ program with the minimum instructions needed to make Juce work.

I have been looking at the tutorial offered by haydxn, but it is no more available at download.

On the web, I found the JuceTutorial.pdf file, but was unable to get the cpp sample files.

Can you indicate me some links where I could find some simple sample of Juce usage for a real beginner ?

Thank you !

BTW, I am working with Visual C++ 2008 Express, and Windows XP.

Thank you.

The best examples are in the extras folder; the example, the jucer and the demo.

OK, since the folder is named “Extras” and not “Samples” or “Demos”, I didn’t realize there were some sample programs and projects there.

Thank you, I’ll be looking at them.

also, if you take a look at the ‘starting point code’ sticky thread at the top of this forum, there’s an example with more detailed explanations of the various application parts in the comments.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.