Mac plugin management

I’ve noticed that every once in a while, especially right when I compile a new plugin, my Mac movs all the plugins from the users library (/user/Library/audio/plugins) to the root library (/Library/audio/plugins).
Anyone know the reason for this?

And, related, I notice my code craps out when this happens.

That is,
asserts that the plugin still exists, but …

instruments[i]->pluginInstance = AudioPluginFormatManager::getInstance()->createPluginInstance(*desc, errorMessage);
crashed with a file IO error (probably permissions related).

Hmmmm … I had recently switched the code to compile as x86_64 as well, and I have no luck loading plugins that way. Most plugins won’t run in 64 bit mode I guess? Back in i386 things are peachy again.

Never noticed that before - are you sure it’s not a host app doing this? I can’t really imagine that the OS would do something as invasive as that.

Yeah, it might be. I’ve had it happen a few times now and have never nailed down why.