Many VST2 plugins are broken in Linux JUCE host

Hi there,

It confirmed in AduioPluginHost ant Tracktion 11.1.x beta.
For example U-he VST2, Surge VST2 and LSP Plugins haven’t GUI under 6.0.1 on Linux. All of them worked fine under 5.4.7.

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What version of Linux is this?

Ubuntu 20.04
openSUSE Tumbleweed

I can test Ubuntu 18.04 tomorrow

Yes, Ubuntu 18.04 affected too.

Could someone of JUCE devs look at that issue? It stops to use 6 version on Linux as a VST2 host.

Thanks for reporting and apologies for the late reply. This should now be fixed on the develop branch in the following commit:

\O/ Thank You!