Minor fixes for 4.1

These errors may be related to my default XCode language settings, but since everything else compiles fine with those defaults, I thought I should report these minor fixes (first line is original, second line is fixed):

juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp >> getPlugInDescription ( ... )


Calling a private constructor of class 'juce::ScopedPointer<juce::AudioProcessor>'


ScopedPointer<AudioProcessor> plugin = createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_AAX);
ScopedPointer<AudioProcessor> plugin (createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_AAX));


class JuceVSTWrapper

Error: Exception specification is not available until end of class definition


void release() noexcept
void release() // noexcept


Which language settings are you using?

The 'Compiler Default' for Xcode 7.2.1

The 'Compiler default' not only depends on the Xcode version, but also on what OS X SDK version you link against and what OS X deployment target version you have set. Could you please share those settings as well.


Xcode 7.2.1

10.11 SDK

Deployment Target 10.6