New to xcode, how to launch an app for debugging

I’m using a Mac for the first time and am trying to update an existing project for XCode. I’ve spent two days fighting with it and finally got it to compile, but now I can’t get the program to launch. I’m used to Visual Studio, where you press the big play button at the top and wait for the program to pop-up for debugging. In XCode I can get it to build, but nothing pops up. Can anyone help? It’s probably something very simple.

Some other information that might be relevant:

  1. I’m making a plugin and using the JUCE_USE_CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STANDALONE_APP=1 definition.
  2. I’m using XCode 10.1 (quite old but I can’t update it).

The Command+R key combination will build and run your app (assuming the build works). (Or, under the Product menu, select Run.)

Additionally you might need to select the executable:

  • Click on the project name right of the run/stop buttons
  • select Edit Schema from the dropdown
  • Select tab “info” if not already there
  • select the executable, e.g. “” - this coiuld also be a host if you want to debug the plugin

Good luck

Thanks guys, I got it working with this.