New website doesn't have navigation to "Coding Standards"

I was looking for the coding standards reference just now, and discovered that it's not possible to navigate to it on the new site, or if it is possible, it's very well hidden.

I did eventually find the page - - by visiting the old site and interestingly it is styled in line with the new website, not much good if people can't find it though.

It's a bit hidden, but it is there. See the very last link (bottom right) on Discover/Features.

it does seem very well hidden, compared to before.

my suggestion:  on the top bar of, a link to the coding standards would logically fit alongside "Features,  Tutorials, Made with Juce, API"

I'd suggest that every person who visists the JUCE site should be forced to read it before being allowed to download the API!

Noted, thanks. We'll find a more prominent place for the coding standards soon.

Also, the formatting seems to be off in the examples and there are missing spaces between the type and the name, e.g.:

classThing  :

shows up as
classThing :publicFoo