No such file "flac/all.h" but I've installed flac

I created a GUI application with introjucer and I’ve tried to build the linux makefile. Strangely I get the build error that “flac/all.h” is missing or
path/../codecs/juce_FlacAudioFormat.cpp:69:23: fatal error: flac/all.h: No such file or directory #include "flac/all.h"
However, I installed flac with sudo apt-get install flac and sudo apt-get install libflac-dev. There’s only one other person I’ve seen with this issue on Google and I don’t believe their solution applies to me. Anyone have any ideas?

You don’t need to install flac - it’s already embedded in the juce source tree. If you’re missing the subfolder then maybe you just need to re-clone the repo.

Recloning worked thanks.