Plugin doesn't show up in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 on Windows

I’m currently beta-testing my plugin and it’s working well in many hosts on Mac and Windows, but for some reason, it simply doesn’t show up available in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 on Windows, 32 or 64 bit. It does work well for the same beta tester in the Mac version of VE Pro 6.

Doesn’t anyone have any idea what could cause this? The tester says it just doesn’t show up, but all his other plugins do.

All my other Windows testers report no issues, even on Windows 7 32 bit. I’m stumped. I’ve reached out to the VE people, waiting to hear back.

Make sure the DLL is in the correct folder


I believe he’s done that correctly. His many other plugins run properly. He’s a film composer.

At least that’s what he says…

You might want to ask him it it works in any other DAW on the same machine. If not then it’s probably that you’ve built it to require a DLL (e.g. Visual Studio runtime stuff) that’s not installed on his machine.

If it works in other DAWs but not Vienna then there’s probably some crash in your code, perhaps triggered by an oddity of Vienna, and you’d need to debug it yourself in that host.

That’s a good tip. I’ll definitely ask him.

About the possibility of it requiring a DLL like a VS runtime, how could I have caused that? My plugin doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary, it’s pretty much pure C++ code and JUCE.

What’s odd is that he says VE Pro “doesn’t recognize” my plugin, like VE Pro doesn’t recognize the packaging somehow.

That was it. After I read Tom’s comment, I remember that this tester had mentioned a while ago that his music production computer was not connected to the internet in any way and then it made sense.

I rebuilt the project with ‘Use Static Runtime’ in Projucer and viola…it worked. Thank you.

Btw, it would be great if all the menus in Projucer that said ‘Use Default’ or ‘(Default)’ actually said what the default setting is.