Plugin Host does not compile. "kbFormat" and "kString" errors

I’m getting a pretty absurd amount of errors when compiling Plugin Host. Has anyone gotten this to work yet? I followed the instructions, only to find they had bad paths that no longer work with VST3_SDK. So I fixed the paths, and got this. I also tried to just skip VST because I don’t want it anyways with #define JUCE_VST3HEADERS_INCLUDE_HEADERS_ONLY true, but same errors arose.

I believe the included project expects the SDK files to be under ~/VST3 SDK, but I can’t remember for certain.

Your best bet is to open the Plugin Host.jucer file with the Projucer, set your VST3 path in the global paths, and re-export the project for your platform (which appears to be macOS). That will almost 100% work. Unfortunately the included project is a little wonky because of the VST3 SDK path thing and the fact that nowhere does it say where it should go…

That is everything I had already done which led to the error.

My SDK is definitely not under ~/VST3 SDK, but that can not possibly be the problem. Nobody would ever expect a user to trash up their home folder would they?

If you have actually got the paths right then make sure you’re using a version of JUCE that matches the VST SDK. The files in the VST SDK seem to move around a lot, and we have to change our code to match, so best bet is to get the very latest JUCE from the develop branch, and the very latest VST SDK from Steinberg.

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