Problems running on a PPC under 10.3

I am working on an application using Juce and am having a horrible time getting the PPC version to run correctly.

I am building the universal binary and have had Juce build correctly for integration into my project. When I run the app on my PPC Mac I can an error

Undefined symbols:
/Users/me/Desktop/app name
Undefined references to _OSAtomicAdd32 expected to be defined in /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

I am building with XCode 3.1.1

Has anyone experienced this? I am relatively unfamiliar with Macs overall but really need to get the PPC version of this working.


I gave up officially supporting 10.3 a while ago, I’m afraid.

That is what I was figuring was the case.

Ah well, thanks anyhow.

Sorry for digging this up, had you set up the deployment target as 10.3 in juce project and in the project of your application?