Problems with compiling JUCE files n Xcode

I have a simple JUCE project that when compiled in Xcode give an error that FLT_MAX is an unidentified operation. I did not use FLT_MAX or anything from the header file to which it belongs anywhere in my program. I heard this may have something to do with JUCE libraries overwriting or writing out OS10.12 frameworks. If you think you can help i would be more than willing to send u my project for inspection. Thanks!

Have you tried setting JUCE_USE_FLAC to disabled in the juce_audio_formats module in the Projucer like this post suggests?


I tried that too, yes.

Ok. Can you send me your code to take a look at?

Ed (let me know if theres any problems accessing the files)

Thanks, it compiles fine for me using Xcode 8.1 on my machine running macOS Sierra 10.12.1. I’m pretty sure we don’t use FLT_MAX anywhere in JUCE so the problem must be something on your end.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help!

aw man :frowning: just in case I’m messing up the processes somehow, could u describe ur compiling process (i know it seems like a lame question)

Sure! I opened the .jucer file from your project after downloading it, set the file paths of the modules to my JUCE/modules directory in the Projucer and then saved and opened the project in Xcode. I didn’t change any of your code and just built and ran the project from within Xcode and it worked fine. Is your Xcode is up to date?


my xcode is. I am runnign 10.12.0 right now. i will try that update