Project name in Projucer titlebar


I was missing the project name in the Projucer titlebar.
Projucer windows have all the same titlebar which makes navigation a bit difficult when more than one project is open.
I was about to file a feature request, when I realized that i have got the sourcecode.
So here is the result:


I’ve just added this, it should be on the develop branch shortly.


should I make a pull request?

After all It’s just a few lines of code:

void MainWindow::setProject (Project* newProject)
              + " - " + currentProject->getTitle());


it would be even better if title name starts with project name instead of “Projucer”. While im using taskbar placed on the right of my window, it will be not possible to distiguish whitch is what.
ahh and you could update software icon to huckleberry as well


No need, I’ve pushed a similar change to the develop branch.


unuseful pour moi


would it be possible to inverse the order of names for the Projucer instance ?

if (currentProject != nullptr) 
    setName (currentProject->getProjectFilenameRoot() +" - Projucer"); 
    setName ("Projucer"); 

It would help to distinguish projects currently listed on a taskbar under Windows.

As for my ux i rather know that the program listed is an Projucer identifying it by its icon.
Honestly I do not need to read its name to double-confirm its idenity as the icon is pretty sweet and noticable. Im pretty sure its an Projucer, nothing else.

What Im really currious about is which project is at a partucullar position within my taskbar in order to reach appropriate one, preferably by reading its name at first.

VisualStudio adressed that experience case as well, which is very practical while several documents are under your interest.

Whereas Projucer in this particullar case, is not trully helpful so i have to fork it myself, but, well … yeah, I really would love no to do it every time any significiant update was introduced.
Ed ?


Sure, it’ll be on the develop branch in a few minutes