Projucer UI designer slow down

I opened an older projucer component in the UI designer and it’s almost impossible to change anything (moving, adding and deleting components or graphic elements) because every click freezes the projucer UI for more than 20 seconds.
I’m on catalina and using the latest projucer version. It also happened with the previous, also relatively new version i had installed. It happens only on bigger components. The one i tried to edit was > 5000 lines of code (almost only UI code). It was no problem to edit the component with the UI editor with older projucer versions.

Anyone noticed this too? Can this be fixed or is there a work around?

Don’t use the ProJucer component editor

What a simple solution :slight_smile: i used it in some of my projects and it worked really well for plugin UI layouts.

I’m interested in the future of the UI designer. Anyone still uses the designer or is it recommended to avoid it at all?

Its usage has been deprecated by the JUCE team.
Latest news that I’m aware of is that it is discontinued: provided as-is, but won’t be updated

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