Question before publishing my first plugin


Hello everyone!
I have finally finished my first plugin and now I would like to put it online so people can test it. I have Personal free JUCE License and I was wondering how should I do the publishing on the completely legal way. I was thinking of making a simple website where I will upload all necessary files for installation, plugin would be free to download and there would be an option to donate for users who are willing to do so.
About plugin being open-source, does that mean that I should make a github repository and upload all of my .h and .cpp files there and then link that github on the website or I should only give that link on demand?
I am apologizing for the noobish questions, but it is my first time publishing something and working with licenses. I am thankful for any information and advice that you can give me.


Just to clarify, GPL and Personal license are two separate things:

Personal License:

  • your Plugin/App displays the SplashScreen “Made with JUCE” (checkbox in Projucer)
  • sends anonymous user data to an analytics server (checkbox in Projucer)
  • you confirm, that you don’t receive more than 50k per year in funding (including all your activities, not just this plugin - by having downloaded/checked personal license)
  • no need to publish your source


  • you publish your source code and all necessary information to build the product - a link next to the product is sufficient
  • you allow everybody to use your code in a GPL-compliant way
  • no need to re-publish JUCE though, if you haven’t modified it
  • no SplashScreen needed (but appreciated if you want)
  • no analytics needed ( - " - )

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer


So to make sure, I have downloaded JUCE with Personal license, that means I dont have to publish my source as you have said?


That is correct. See here:


Assuming your users allow outbound connections to Google Analytics and/or are not running a DNS black-hole such as Pi-Hole to negate shitty all-pervasive spying :wink: :smiley:


The mere connection to the internet makes you a possible target for spying. But running a juce based plugin from a developer with a personal license would probably not increase the interest of anybody in you specifically.

And if a user disables outbound connections is really not our concern. The software should still function afaik and in the analytics there is a statistical error n digits after the comma.

All is good :slight_smile:


Can confirm it works without problem. If JUCE were using a bespoke analytics server I would likely grant outbound and my Pi-Hole wouldn’t catch it either, but using GA means it’s not just JUCE collecting data.