Quicktime Movie Component

So I tried out the QTMovieComponent. Great to see it’s as easy to use as the rest of the libraries.

After loading a couple movies I started wondering how far you I push the rendering … I’d like to vary the speed and position/transformations in real time (scaled to different variables in the program, or some knobs maybe). It seems easy enough to do since there are class functions like setSpeed() and setBoundsWithCorrectAspectRatio () … (though I’m not sure if there is any way to apply an AFFineTransform to the movie?).

So, I was wondering if anyone had done this already, and if rendering a movie in real-time with setSpeed and setBounds being set every so often on the timerCallback would be a reasonable thing to expect my computer/JUCE to handle? Especially if it’s also dealing with a rather taxing audioCallback …

I did an app that dynamically nudges the speed to keep it in sync with some audio and QT seems to do a pretty good job of coping with that.

Moving the position or size might cause a bit more trouble, and no, sorry, I don’t think there’d be a cross-platform way of using an affine transform - that’d involve some serious opengl hackery.

Right on. Kinda figured that was the answer I would get … Always nice to know where the limits are gonna be.

ahhhhh, someday …