Renaming AU component


I have my synth compiling OK in AU format, I’m simply trying to rename it (basically so it is not called DemoJuceAU.Component !)

I tried hard one day long, and I always have linking errors, even step by step, with simply editing juceAU.exp accordingly to JucePluginCharacteristics.h.

I couldn’t find a post about this, does someone knows any simple or radical solution to get thru this ?

Thanks a lot,



Did you check all the xcode project settings? I think there might be a couple of places where the name has to be entered in there too.


To completely rid yourself of “Demo” names you need to change the juceAU.exp and JucePluginCaracteristics.h, and the .plist and in the xcode project settings for debug and release versions there is a user defined string which is used to as the bit before the .component to actually build the package and the executable inside the package. You should also make sure you update the .cpp of you plugin characteristics to support stereo etc.



Thanks !