Reverberation time in juce::Reverb?

Hello community, hope you’re all doing great.

I’m trying to create an application to play multiple audio files simultaneously and add reverb to the mixer buffer.

I’m experimenting with the juce::Reverb class and its parameters. The goal is to control the parameters using a knob to set the reverberation time. However, the juce::Reverb::Parameters struct has no “reverberation time” attribute, only values between 0.0f and 1.0f which are not easy to understand in terms of real reverberation time parameters.

How can I set the juce::Reverb::Parameters using only the desired reverberation time instead of the default attributes?

The Juce Reverb class is very simple and doesn’t expose a parameter that allows setting the reverb time in seconds. You might want to look for another reverb implementation if it’s important you need to be able to set an explicit reverb duration.

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Thanks @xenakios, I appreciate your response.

That’s really unfortunate. Do you know any reverb module capable of setting the reverberation time as a parameter that can also be easily implemented in a JUCE application?

Hi there, you will probably find something here: GitHub - sudara/awesome-juce: A curated list of JUCE modules, templates, plugins, oh my!

If you really want to use the Juce Reverb class for simplicity, but just really want a time value instead of just 0-1, you could always do some tests and measure the time and then remap the control. It will mostly concern the room size parameter anyway.

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