Rfc - vector based icons - best method?

I need icons for my program,
I don’t need multicolor fancy stuff, so I started making them with photoshop as png images like this one :

But it looks like most of the effects can be done programmatically in juce.
So the I guess the best way would be to integrate directly the shape in juce, and generate the Drawable objects on startup.

However, from what I’ve see, the only way to import a shape (more exacly a Path object) is by using a font file, and then serialize the Typeface object in the exe so that it doesn’t need to be installed on the system.

I started using a font editor
(I’m trying FontLab TypeTool 2 right now, which looks simple enough for me)

It looks like you can name the each glyph in the ttf file, but I can not see the names in charmap, and Juce doesn’t support named glyphs.
At this point, I’ll probably write macros like :

If you have experienced this or think about a better technique, please share your thoughts

It would be interesting to get juce support for a vector graphic format or two.