Save Project As


Say I have a working project and I want to save it with a different name (all sub-files to follow). How can I do that? ‘Save as’ feature in the projucer is not always enabled.

Not sure if this will work for your situation, but the Projucer files are just XML, so you could possibly just open up your .jucer file and do a find/replace.

The “Save As…” menu item is just for files. If you want to rename the project you should change the “Project Name” field in the project settings and then re-save via “Save Project”.

…be aware, that the previous xcodeproj file will be left, so you can create some confusion for your self. Best to delete it in the same step (I don’t think the Projucer can do that).

I don’t remember ever seeing any IDE that had a “Save Project As” option.

Projects aren’t just files that you can copy - they’re folders containing many files that the IDE isn’t in control of - it can’t attempt to copy everything that you’ve put in that folder, but unless it does, it’s unlikely that the resulting copy would even build. There are so many edge-cases that the best approach is to let a user either manually duplicate their project folder, or create a new project and move files across in whatever way makes sense for them.


Thanks Jules. I agree…
So, let me reverse my question - what is the best way for me to build a long term project.
Say I want to run minor changes to a project on a daily basis. What I currently do (not IDE, more MAX/MSP) is save a version with the date.

Would that be ‘git’ ? Or Other methodology ?

git is the way to go. Once you lean how to use it you won’t look back.