Some RTAS wishes


after working a bit with the tip, there are a few things that would be great to have for RTAS plugins.
[] parameter automation status: the plug-in can be told which parameters are in which automation mode in order to highlight the corresponding controls with a predefined colour. That would require the method SetControlHighliteInfo in JucePluginProcess and a similar function in AudioProcessor[/]
[] disable multi-mono operation: Pretty trivial: just a define (like JucePlugin_CanMultiMono) in PluginCharacteristics.h and setting of pluginGestalt_DoesntSupportMultiMono in CreateEffectTypes[/]
[] open parameter automation popup (ctrl+cmd+opt+click on a control): this is probably a nasty one, although nice for the user. In order to have this, JucePluginProcess has to have the method ChooseControl, for which you will have a namespace clash on Mac for Point because of the Macro defines. Obviously, either Processor or Editor will need a corresponding function. On Windows, one needs to add the start key to the modifier keys. This is as far as I have got so far. It seems that on Windows the button down event needs to be passed manually to the host (see PluginSdkDocs page 215). [/]
[] keyboard focus: currently, the plugin either steals the focus or keyboard input is not possible. I found no workaround on Mac, on windows I call passFocusToHostWindow in the Wrapper only if no component is modal, which is probably not a nice solution but works for me.[/][/list]

Most of these may be special requests and probably not so interesting for most of the users, I just thought I would share them anyway.

Keep up the good work!