Standalone Plugins spamming in %APPDATA%\Roaming

I noticed that the standalone versions of audio plugins create folders in %APPDATA%\Roaming. These contain only a single file: <projectName>.settings.
Now the problem is that sometimes project names or spellings change and we work on a lot of JUCE based projects here in our company. %APPDATA%\Roaming gets extremely cluttered with no simple way of removing the long obsolete settings files.

Wouldn’t it be better if all those settings landed in a common subfolder? That way I could easily remove them. I know this wouldn’t conform to the typical folder structure, but the standalone version is nothing I would ever send to a customer anyway.
Maybe the settings file path could become an option in the projucer?

You can have them saved in your Company’s folder by changing the PropertiesFile::Options folderName value:

    PropertiesFile::Options options;

    const String szSeparator = File::getSeparatorString();

    options.applicationName     = g_szProductName;
    options.filenameSuffix      = "settings";
    options.osxLibrarySubFolder = "Application Support";
    options.folderName          = g_szCompanyName + szSeparator + g_szProductName + szSeparator + String ("Settings");

    m_pAppProperties->setStorageParameters (options);

All your products’ settings will be in the Roaming folder but kept in a folder for your company and separated into folders for each app.


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Yes, but the Standalone Plugin version is auto-generated by the Projucer, right? So any changes I make there are overwritten as soon as I save the project.

Put the above in your AudioProcessor class’ ctor – your plugin will likely use the settings too… and that overrides the default StandaloneFilterApp settings options.


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I see, that is a great solution. Thank you.