Supported OS/DAW for Arpeggiator Tutorial

Is the Arpeggiator Tutorial known to work in Cubase 11 as a VST? What operating systems and DAW is it known to work in?

Should work in all.

Are there steps to get it to work in Cubase 11 on Windows? I understand that an extra MIDI channel may be required to route the arpeggiator events from the plug-in. Thanks

Here’s what is working/not working…

  • Build arpeggiator example from latest GitHub project (using vs studio on windows).
  • Arpeggiator works in Juce VST host. Wired up with midi and soft synth produce an arpeggio when multiple notes are held down on the midi keyboard.
  • In Cubase 11: create a virtual instrument that is connected to midi input. Add arpeggiator plugin to channel - no audible difference.
  • Similar results in Reaper.

Is this a bug, user error or documentation issue?


Found SOLVED: VST MIDI Effect Plugin that answered my question for the Arpeggiator tutorial on Windows/Cubase. Thanks @ mackemlad