Targets below 10.5 no longer supported?


I just opened a utility from late last year and went to build it with today’s tip. I got quite a few errors, all in chunks of code that were for ‘pre 10.5’ stuff (ex. delegate is now a private member, so DoPlatformSpecificInitialisation() can’t do pre-10.5 thread magic).

Simply bumping the SDK from 10.4 to 10.5 in Introjucer took care of the problem (and is fine for me, 10.5 is OK for a minimum support level). If you want to drop pre 10.5, fine by me, but you might want to take the option out of Introjucer.

Good point, I’ll remove those older targets, thanks!

If you are removing support for 10.4, could use a good cleaning. Lots of old 10.4 font code in there.