The Audio Developer Conference (ADC) 2018 live streams


Hi Jucers,

You can follow all of the talks at ADC using the following live streams:

Track 1 (CTRL)
Track 2 (ALT/TAB)
Track 3 (CMD)
Track 4 (SHIFT)

Keynotes are in Track 1.

The full programme can be found here: Times are in London GMT.




Have an amazing conference, guys! Cheers!


Hi, loving the streams, but the overall level is really low. Having everything running at 10 on my machines is still struggling to be of a decent level.


Seconded! I’m watching with 80% volume on mobile!


Also, audio keeps cutting out on the track 2 stream!


and 4…


@t0m, is it just me or the links above now just replay the streams from Day 1 rather than connecting to the Live streams for Day 2 that should be currently in progress?


Hi, where are the Day 2 streams?


For live…


nothing there for today live…


these only show those done yesterday. the streaming of today’s keynote should have already begun but it’s not there


i just got a noitification - live now


Ok it started.

CTRL (Day 2)


Weird for me it shows up everything and if a feed is live it’ll show up -


Here are the latest links:

Track 1 (CTRL)

Track 2 (ALT/TAB)

Track 3 (CMD)

Track 4 (SHIFT)


Only Track 1 is streaming (so far)



Track 4 has stopped working


Just watched Jules Keynote, since the one last year was cool.
I was expecting a little inspirational talk about the state of audio development and all of sudden
he starts talking about the problems of latency/drivers and so on and pulls out his demo of an “exemplary” solution. And then he drops the SOUL Bomb.

Wow, just wow.

I’m still not sure if this are the first signs of a mad scientist or if this is really happening. Yes, after the talk and all of your arguments it really seems obvious. I always thought about that since I discovered GPUs and OpenGL. Why isn’t there an equivalent for DSP? Okay, there are DSP cards/boards, but it’s not a widely adopted open standard API like OpenGL. Definitely very interesting.

I sure hope you get the needed support by the industry.
Why hasn’t anyone mentioned it here before? Did I miss a topic or was it really that secret?


I really like the idea that SOUL could become a standardised way to offload processing to the most suitable processing node in a host computer’s local vicinity, automatically throwing various plug-ins to the nodes that make most sense given advertised/known compute needs of the plug-in and the existing distributed load profile of the system overall. Maybe the heavy hitting convolution reverbs and samplers benefiting from lots of memory and background thread work zip off to some PC architecture nodes, and the tight EQs and compressors needing super low latency could be offloaded to a device with a real-time OS or even a new dedicated SOUL aware DSP device.

As somebody heavily into iLok I’m kind of concerned about the prospects for robust copy protection in such a regime, but hopefully that can be worked out. Potentially any new dedicated hardware could be designed with something in mind with some plug-ins only working on the devices with advanced security capabilities built in. At the moment I see this as one of UAD’s main strengths (under powered DSP by modern standards, but clearly absolutely rock solid copy protection).

SOUL could all be very disruptive to the likes of AAX DSP, UAD and Waves SoundGrid since the financial, commercial and technical barriers to entry should be much lower than on those platforms. If it can also make the security of the IP running on the platform robust it would be difficult to resist.

On a practical note, I tried registering my interest using the website, it did not work to my usual Hotmail account (confirmation email never received), but it did work to another account that I have full control over the spam filtering of. I often get this on my Hotmail accounts with new domains (both my own and other people’s). Usually it’s just down to Hotmail being pretty picky on its spam filtering when a domain doesn’t have a lot of established reputation yet and entirely binning the email. A web admin can usually do stuff to resolve this, but just bringing it up as it would be a shame if they missed out on interested early adopters.