Unable to build Blank Application


I created ‘Blank Application’. It doesn’t build and throws the following error. Can you please let me know what I need to do to fix it ?

try fixing your Linker settings. I think in Visual Studio its at

Properties → Linker → System → SubSystem

try changing




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The Blank project doesn’t include any source files (other than the JUCE module sources) so it won’t build by default.

If you’re a beginner, the GuiApp template project will probably be more useful. This template will build without requiring any further changes, and will display a simple window.

I’d advise against trying SourGummi’s suggestion. It’s normally not a good idea to make manual changes to the Linker settings in a Visual Studio project, as resaving the Projucer project may overwrite any options you change. Instead, it’s better to use the Projucer for as much of your project management as possible.

Understood. Thank You.

If you want your application to also be able to run as a plugin, choose Plugin/Basic. You do not need a host to program it as it allows you to compile the Standalone project.

It will create the processor and editor classes on which to start adding your code.

keep Projuce open, use it to configure Visual Studio at any time, from creating new files, or classes, or adding modules (also to remove them), when you save the project and return to VS it will ask you if you want to reload the external changes.

In all the time that I have been using it I have not needed to modify anything in the project directly in VS.