Unable to build plugin host


I’m getting an error about a missing include file when trying to build the plugin host. I believe it’s because it’s not successfully finding the VST3 SDK, although I have made sure the path in the settings is correct. The error is:

“base/source/baselids.cpp file not found”

Using VS 2015.

Thanks for any help!

Not sure. Can you take a screen shot of your project settings, similar to the one below:

Sure, here it is.

OK. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. The only thing I can suggest is to go through the include paths of your Visual Studio project and check if it would be able to find the file. Maybe you have an outdated VST3 sdk?

I’ve replaced the VST SDK a couple of times from a fresh download to make sure that’s not the case, but still no luck with the build unfortunately.

Probably a typo, but you mean baseiids.cpp, right? Just to rule any hidden drive dependencies out, have you tried putting all your stuff, asio sdk, juce et al on the C-drive?