Unable to find AU3 on ipad?

Sorry guys I wrote this simple piece of code to print an xml of known plugins. It works on my pc, but on iOS it print only Apple’s plugins. I need to change some settings in projuce maybe?

on MainComponent.h

PluginDirectoryScanner* pluginDirectoryScanner;
AudioUnitPluginFormat audioUnitPluginFromat{};
KnownPluginList knownPluginList{};

TextButton tb{"getKnownPlugin"};

On MainCompoent.cpp (in the init)

pluginDirectoryScanner = new PluginDirectoryScanner(knownPluginList, audioUnitPluginFromat, audioUnitPluginFromat.getDefaultLocationsToSearch(), true, File(), true);

String s{};

bool scanAgain = true;
while (scanAgain)
    scanAgain =  pluginDirectoryScanner->scanNextFile(true, s);

tb.onClick = [this]()
    XmlElement* xmlPluginList = knownPluginList.createXml();

Thank you in advice!