Unable to load JUCE plugins to Audacity/REAPER



So I'm trying to load a simple delay JUCE plugin to Audacity. I have compiled everything (32-bit) and the Delay.vst file automatically popped in ~/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST. There is also the Delay.component file which I copied to ~/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components, although I'm not sure whether this is necessary. In any case, Audacity detects that there is a new VST in the folder, but it simply doesn't show it in the Effects menu. Anyone encountered this issue before?

I am running the latest version of Audacity and JUCE.

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What os are you using? Are you sure your host is 32bit and not 64bit?

Also make sure your deployment target is below or equal to your OS. Make sure it is set to 10.7 for example.

I’m having the same problem currently. Did you ever find a solution @nevos ?