"Unrecognized platform name" when building


Brand new to Juce, following Hack Audio’s Juce tutorial for building audio plugins (AU format), my goal is to play around with building an equalizer plugin.

I started by downloading Juce and Xcode, I opened Projuicer, set the module paths, opened the project in my IDE (Xcode), everything looked the same as the tutorial until it was time to build the blank generated plugin just for a baseline. Tutorial gets “Build Successful” message, I get “Build Failed” message and a bunch of parse issues that all say “Unrecognized platform name mac OS.” The lines of code causing the issues seem to be contingencies for what to do if the plugin finds itself being run on older versions of Mac OS.

I googled “Juce”+“Unrecognized platform name” and got 0 results, so I’m asking here. How can I solve or avoid these problems well enough to get this first basic build to succeed?

Macbook Pro 15" Retina Mid 2014
macOS Sierra Verion 10.12.4
JUCE v6.1.6
Xcode Version 8.3.3 (8E3004b)



There’s a screenshot of the parse issues I’m talking about.

I do mostly Windows development, so my answer is based on some googling. The @available option was added in Xcode 9.

oh, and as a follow up, JUCE lists XCode 10 as it’s minimum

Awesome, thanks so much for this reply. I had initially downloaded the most recent versions of JUCE and Xcode that were compatible with macOS 10.12, and after reading your comment I had a hunch and tried a slightly older version of JUCE (6.0.0) and I got a successful build! I at least have somewhere to start now.