VST debugging, breakpoints and Xcode

I've got a VST and AU plugin being built on the Mac.  (VST comes from the same binary, repackaged, I'm taking it?).  If I put a breakpoint in my Xcode project the AudioUnit plugin will stop, but the VST one just ignores it. 


cheers! J. 

Don't know, but I've had some problems with LLDB not breaking correctly, so I've stayed with GDB, which seems to work a bit better.

Bugger. I upgraded to Xcode 5.  I hate being on the uncharted bit of the map.  Will let you know if I solve it.  In the meantime, if you happen to hear of a drag and drop problem with VST on the Mac let me know.  I might be still trying to get a breakpoint to break!

Ah - it's this problem: 


Edit (or create) the file ~/.lldbinit and add the following line

settings set target.inline-breakpoint-strategy always

Now to solve the drag and drop issue !!

It appears my mouseDrag() callback is being called with a postition outside it's own boundary ... 

(lldb) print event

(const juce::MouseEvent) $0 = {

  x = 150

  y = -69

  mods = {

    flags = 16


  eventComponent = 0x073eac00

  originalComponent = 0x073eac00

  eventTime = {

    millisSinceEpoch = 1382473596399


  mouseDownTime = {

    millisSinceEpoch = 1382473580534


  source = {

    pimpl = 0x1d7c9ce0

    leakDetector181 = {}


  mouseDownPos = {

    x = -1505

    y = -149


  numberOfClicks = '\0'

  wasMovedSinceMouseDown = '\x01'


And this: 

(lldb) print event.getDistanceFromDragStart()

(int) $2 = 1656

Which is WAY outside the VST plugin's window!



Also check out: http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/registerbasicformats-and-xcode-debugger