LLVM and debugging VSTs



I just updated to xcode 5.  I didn't know it would "upgrade" me to only be able to use LLVM debugging (as opposed to GCC).


Of course, as noted before on this forum, debugging doesn't work for plugins with LLVM (not sure why, but would love to hear an explanation if someone has it handy).

So .... without GCC, I guess I'm just done debugging my plugins on mac ... hmmmm.  



Anyone know a way around this one yet? 

I'm not sure what was stated on the forum and I'm not that experienced with Xcode/C++ debugging to know what advanced debugging features I'm missing out on, but for me, basic debugging works with Xcode 5.1.1.: I can use breakpoints, step through the code and look at variable values etc.?

Works for me with Xcode 5 debugging plugins running in Ableton and AU lab.  There's a tweak you need to make though.  

Last time I got annoyed with it I made a list of the possible causes.  Curiously the most popular article on my blog ... 


The last point about lldbinit was the tweak I'm thinking of.

Actually - there's one area I'm struggling with.  Has anyone had any luck with watchpoints though in LLVM?  It sometimes stops, but usually drops me into some seemingly unreleated assembly ...!


Good tips bazrush.  Didn't do it for me, but good to know about the "dizzy" LLDB issue.

Anyway - guess I'll just do my VST debuggin on windows until something changes here.