.vst3 file being created - though VST3 not selected


I've got a plugin set to: VST, AAX but not VST3.

I get the linker target set to aaxplugin, and then the post build commands copies this to a .vst3 file.  There's no .dll output that I was expecting for VST2.4.  Is that deliberate?    I realise it's all the same binary and I can just fix it with a  script - but I don't understand why I'm getting this output.

Skimming the introjucer source code I wonder if there isn't a feature in there for creating a DLL when you're also creating an AAX plugin.


I also have a .jucer file which is adding duplicate files for everything in juce_audio_plugin_client to the root of my project.  I can't spot anything mad in the configuration. 

Any ideas?

The unnecessary copy to .vst3 was a mistake, but I fixed it a few days ago.

I also have a .jucer file which is adding duplicate files for everything in juce_audio_plugin_client to the root of my project.  I can't spot anything mad in the configuration. 

That just sounds like you've got the option selected to create a local copy of that module?

Jules - 

I had it set to create copies of all modules, but only that one was appearing naked in the root of my project and appearing twice!  I've turned off create a local copy and that's fixed it.   If I turn it back on for all modules the problem reappears again just for these files.  

To give a really clear example.  I've just created a new test project on my windows system.  The same thing happens.

Process to recreate was: 

  • Open (latest) introjucer
  • New audio plugin project. 
  • IJ asks for the juce modules folder.  I point it at where I've got a copy cloned from git.  Click ok.
  • Go to the config tab.  Select modules

  • (Incidentally this time it's set the path correctly for the module ... last time 10 seconds ago i had to specify it manually.  I think I get a mix of behaviours normally when starting a project and I don't understand why.)
  • I click Open in Visual Studio and I see additional 9 unexpected files in the root of the project.
  • I hit build and get 9 duplicate file warnings.

PS. While I'm at it, when you enter the module path in Introjucer it'd be nice if it updated the error message without having to click off the screen and back on after you've changed the path.  And very occasionally it seems to forget I've provided a path and revert to the original.   And .. if all the path request dialog boxes would let you open a file chooser to select the path and then calculate the correct path that'd be even more amazing :)  Sometimes I can remember which folder the path is relative to and how many ../..'s I need ... and othertimes it's just trial and error. 

Cheers, Jim. 

PS. Have installed the latest introjucer.  So now the output is just a file ending in aaxplugin, no dll and no vst3.  Is that supposed to be the output?  I can work with it...but it seems a little odd not to have the DLL.

Warning    2    warning MSB8027: Two or more files with the name of juce_RTAS_DigiCode2.cpp will produce outputs to the same location. This can lead to an incorrect build result.  The files involved are ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\modules\juce_audio_plugin_client\RTAS\juce_RTAS_DigiCode2.cpp, ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\modules\juce_audio_plugin_client\RTAS\juce_RTAS_DigiCode2.cpp.    C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.CppBuild.targets    935


Before I spend time investigating, can you check that your juce folder isn't messed-up somehow, e.g. perhaps you accidentally duplicated one of the folders in there. Because it seems a bit odd that lots of other people are building similar projects and nobody else has seen this..

A quick glance at the folder doesn't show any problem.  But, leave it with me.  If it's never been heard of before I'll have a more detailed look..

Okay -

So it's exactly 9 files rather than the whole module. I described it poorly to start with.   AAX_Wrapper, PluginUtilities, RTAS_DigiCode 1...

It happens with a clean clone from git and a rebuild of introjucer generating a VS2013 configuration.  Creating an audio plugin with everything under default settings.  It's running on Windows 7.

They are set to complile as are the identical files in the Juce Modules / Juce Audio Plugin Client folder. 

If you can think of anything worth digging into shout and I'll have a look.  In my older projects the files were in the Juce Library Code folder and were omitted from the Juce Modules folder.


Thanks.. Didn't expect that to take me two hours to fix, but it turned out to be a one-liner! Should be ok now.



Thank you!

Thought it was going to turn out that I'd done something silly there...

No - it was me who'd done something silly!

Only happened on Windows though, which is why I hadn't spotted it, I normally do all my introjucer stuff on OSX.