What are your Installer's default delivery folders for PC and Mac? (for vst3 etc.)

I’m about to do my installer for PC, and Mac.

Where do you default suggest install for VST3 on PC? c:\program files\common files\vst3? I’m wondering what DAWs generally have a default scan path for vst3s?

Also for Mac OS, same question, something like $HOME\Library\Audio\Plugins\vst3 ?
(Reaper on Mac had that in the default search path.)

At the moment I’ve built just a vst3. Is it really necessary these days to build other versions, outside of vst3…
I think Logic X does not support VST3 - is that correct - so I have to build an AU?
And I suppose I have to create an AAX for Pro Tools(?)

the VST3 path is defined in the VST3 specification and not supposed to be customized.
See VST3 documentation.

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