What version of Projucer will work on OS X 10.7.5

I just finished my first app with JUCE. Works great on Windows, but I would love to test it for Mac, however I only got an “older” Mac Mini with OS X 10.7.5.

Question 1: Does anyone know what previous release of JUCE that works with this?

Question 2: Will that JUCE version be to old for any meaningful test?

You don’t need to run Projucer on that 10.7.5 machine. You can build on another machine, setting the “OSX Deployment Target” to 10.7 in Projucer first, and then copy the built application to the 10.7.5 machine and see whether it runs.

Well, the poster mentioned the Mac that has OS-X 10.7.5 on it, is his only Mac machine…

It would be possible to run Projucer on Windows and generate the Xcode project files there. But I doubt OS-X 10.7.5 can run a new enough Xcode (or even command line tools) to build modern Juce code…

Oh sorry, I totally missed that…

You’ll need macOS 10.11 and Xcode 7.3.1 to build JUCE projects

Via your “Downloads” section, I see in Github there are earlier JUCE versions.

I do NOT have access to a Mac with OS X 10.11, so I was wondering if anyone here knows if any, and which, of the Github earlier JUCE/Projucer versions, worked on my “old” Mac Mini with OS X 1.7.5.

Ok I am trying to get my hands on a OS X 10.11 installation disc and see if I can upgrade my dusty old Mac Mini.

Nope OS X 10.11 will not work on my Mac Mini too.

But since it was Projucer 5.4 that my Mac Mini said would not run, I guess I can try to download an earlier version and see what happens.

It’s possible to compile the Projucer so it will run on 10.7, but that won’t achieve anything meaningful - you need Xcode 7.3.1 or later to build JUCE projects irrespective of if the Projucer works or not.

Ok, thanks.

So I guess another choice, beside getting a newer Mac, is to try something like WMWare or VirtualBox. Does anyone have any experience with that and JUCE?

macOS runs like an absolute pig in VirtualBox, you might have more luck with VMWare.